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Meeting – October 28, 2014 – Evolution of Halloween

27 October 2014

Did you know that “hallow” is from an Old English word meaning “spirits” or “souls” and that “sen” is the contraction of “eve”?  Thus as the words have evolved into Halloween, so have the customs surrounding it evolved.  Did you also know that early day colonists used turnips for their jack-o-lanterns, not pumpkins?

At the meeting, more facts about the evolution of Halloween from Roman Times to today will be presented.  Some of our eldest local citizens (spotlighting Betty Lindner, Mary Spaldo, Flo Clark, Marie Leppert, Mauro Checchio and Pete & Judy Terry) to our younger local citizens (spotlighting Darlene Palombo and hopefully Phil Tice) will share their memories of Halloween.  We will be tracing our own local evolution of celebrating Halloween for the last 90 years.

Treats will be at this spooky and spiritual meeting.  It is free and open to everyone.  Guests are welcome.  Costumes and encouraged!

The meeting takes place at the Scotch Hills Country Club on Plainfield Avenue and Jerusalem Road in Scotch Plains,  on Tuesday, October 28 at 8:00PM.

Contact Connie Klock at 908-232-9489 for further information or write to us.