Osborn-Cannonball House Title of Ownership

1972 Scotch Plains-Fanwood Historical Society lease house from Township of Scotch Plains
1971 October 14, 1971, Township of Scotch Plains purchases house from Mrs. Irene Snook
1954 June 30, 1954, Mrs. Irene Snook, purchases from Mr. Charles Moshac the Osborn-Cannonball house, known as 1840 Front Street
1946 November 12, 1946, Mr. Charles Moshac and Alice D. Moshac, his wife, purchase the property from Beula A. McVoy and George McVoy, her husband
1928 February 2, 1928, Beulah A. McVoy and Ada L. Cole purchased jointly from Elizabeth Hagan the Osborn homestead
1907 August 1, 1907, Ada L. Cole purchases from Daniel Hollingsworth of Brooklyn, New York, the property containing 10 one hundreths of an acre
1907 January 26th, 1907, Danial Hollingsworth purchases from the Harpre, Hollingsworth and Darby Company of North Plainfield the house
1869 April 1, 1869, George Harper of Staten Island, Henry S. Hollingsworth of Williamsburgh, New York, Loftus Hollingsworth of Westfield Township and Albert Darby of Newark purchase the homestead from William H. Brower and Sarah J, his wife
1867 August 23, 1867, william Brower purchases from Elizabeth A. Hetfiled and Carmen R. Hetfield of Brooklyn, New York, the Osborn House. (Elizabeth Hetfield’s maiden name was Elizabeth Osborn)
1857 May 6, 1858, Elizabeth Osborn purchases from James Lynch and Elizabeth W. of Brooklyn, said property
1856 September 9, 1856, James Lynch and Elizabeth purchased from Levi Hetfield and Anna, his wife, the Osborn homestead
1844 February 23, 1844, Levi Hetfield purchases from Jonathan Osborn Jr.and Eliza his wife, the old homestead
1841 March 13, 1841, Jonathan Osborn Jr. of Newark purchases from Jethro Vermule and Mary Elizabeth his wife, said home
1836 April 1, 1836, Jethro Vermule purchases from Jonathan Osborn Jr. and Eliza, his wife, said homestead
1829 March 25, 1829, Jonathan Osborn Jr. purchases the homestead from Israel Stevens and his wife Abagal
1820 August 1, 1820, Israel Stevens purchases from David Osborn and Charlotte, his wife, the Cannonball house

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