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Meeting – October 22, 2013 – Antique Organ and other acquisitions

15 October 2013

The Osborn Cannonball Museum recently benefited from a number of donated items.  An antique Reed Pump Organ from the 1870’s-1890’s now proudly sits in the museum’s Victorian Room just waiting to be played for the assembled mannequin guests.  Joe & Elaine Rosa donated this beloved player organ when they recently moved from Scotch Plains.  While it is the museum’s largest recent acquisition, several other towns’ people have donated vintage and older items, which enrich our historical archives.

A land deed from the J. Ackerman estate to the Stouts fills in some missing data.  Larry Novak recently gave us old photos of Seeley Pond and other artifacts he collected in that area which further expands our knowledge base of this important area. Some vintage clothing donations join our unique and extensive wardrobe collection.  Leather gunpowder pouches from the mid-19th century will enchant our third graders when they tour.

Pictures of moving the Reed Pump Organ and a display of the other, smaller acquisitions will be shown at the monthly meeting of the Historical Society of Scotch Plains and Fanwood on Tuesday evening October 22nd.

The Society is pleased to show these important items.  We very much appreciate and encourage donations that expand and illustrate our area’s history.

The meeting takes place at the Scotch Hills Country Club on Plainfield Avenue and Jerusalem Road in Scotch Plains,  on Tuesday, October 22 at 8:00PM.  Fellowship and refreshments follow the meeting.  The meeting is free and open to everyone.

Contact Connie Klock at 908-232-9489 for further information or write to us.