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Meeting on September 25, 2012 – Aaron M. Osborn, Good as Old

16 September 2012

He now looks as good as old, like when he was painted in the 1820’s.  Aaron Miller Osborn’s portrait returns to us from his latest venture at Winterthur Museum where nationally prominent paintings conservator, Dr. Joyce Hill Stoner, conserved/restored him.
On Tuesday evening, September 25th, his tale of ownership & travels will be told.  The story of his remarkable artist, Micah Williams will also be shared.  The decision to conserve Aaron set the Society on a course to apply for a grant to have his wife Harriet Manning Osborn also conserved.  This led a few of our members down many, new and exciting paths.  Stumbling blocks arose and solutions eventually were found.  Sleuthing was unable to solve some clues.  Connie Klock, Dave Bierman and Ginger Bishop will share these adventures.

Aaron behind Curtains

Everyone is encouraged to come to this meeting and see Aaron in his restored glory.  The meeting is free and open to everyone.  The meeting will be held at the Scotch Hills Country Club on Plainfield Avenue and Jerusalem Road in Scotch Plains,  on Tuesday, September 25th at 8:00PM.  Light refreshments and fellowship follow the meeting.   Please join us for a most fascinating evening.  Contact Connie Klock at 908-232-9489 for further information or write to us.